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“I don't know who you guys are but this web site has been invaluable in assisting my friend in getting meals and help with her kids. We have 35 people signed on and it has gone so smoothly thanks to your wonderful site. Thank you for setting it up. It is genius.”

–Annie, San Diego, CA

Create Your Family CareGroup

A Family CareGroup is a free, personal, private web page that helps you organize family and friends around a caregiving need.

Starting a Family CareGroup allows you to create a caregiving network for efficient communication and at the same time create a sharing community of family and friends.

With Lotsa Helping Hands CareGroup technology, you coordinate scheduled tasks, find and organize resources, share updates about your loved one's health, post messages, and share photos.

Get Support from Your Friends and Family:

  • Start now by inviting your friends and family to your CareGroup
  • Feel the spirit of community -- You are not alone
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